More Trash Talking Fun!

Thank you for joining us in our Trash Bash Extravaganza! The Trash Talking fun doesn’t have to stop at your school.

Check out our Trashy Clean-up game below and help us place the trashy items where they belong.

If your school hasn’t been regaled with the Trash Bash Extravaganza Assembly yet and you’d like more information, please contact us. We also offer school tours of the Materials Recovery Facility.

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Trashy Clean-up

One Big Bin and Curbside Pickup need your help! Place the correct items in each bin. Five items belong to each. Finish sorting before the timer is up!

For best game-play experience please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a desktop computer. This game will not work on Internet Explorer 10 and under!

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flourescent tubes
aluminum can
motor oil & filters
pizza box
plastic bottle
fats, oils, grease